Roadmap 2023

  • January

    1. Update technical infrastructure
    Updating the infrastructure of the application, to perform 100 thousand transactions per minute, in sequence to be ready to accept more users. By enterprising the application, we can serve millions of users at the same time with the highest quality, equally for all users.
  • February

    1. Add the referral marketing feature (Web)
      Website development and providing the possibility of “Referral Marketing” for users who use the web application. Users interested in referral marketing will feel a different experience.

    2. Improve the push notification system and add the email notification feature (Android -IOS -Web)
      With the launch of this feature, all application users who have registered, will receive all updates and changes in progress through E-mail and receive notifications on their mobile phones. For any significant changes that occur a host (related to the rented property) or a guest (related to the desired accommodation), users will be informed instantly.

    3. Responsive the website for the tablet size (Web)
      Fixing the lack of correct display for users who use the web application through a tablet.
  • March

      1. Updating booking process (Android-IOS -Web)
        This new feature and update gives "HOST" the ability to specify the cost of the rent for accommodation and will be shown in Crypto and US dollars. In other words, "HOST" can determine the dollar equivalent of the cost of staying at home/hotel and withdraw the total amount in (Crypto, American Dollar, or Euro). Also for "GUEST", to make booking and payment easier, and with the host's desire, it will be possible to hand out the entire cost of the accommodation, pay according to the amount of the deposit defined and specified by the host to pay the remaining amount at the check-in. Next, "GUEST" can pay with the desired crypto. It should be noted that paying with DBNB token reduces the price and benefits from a cheaper stay.

      2. Add the internal swap Exchange (Android -IOS -Web)
        By launching this update, the user (as a guest) will be able to exchange and convert their coins and tokens to other cryptocurrencies in the internal application's exchange.
  • April

    1. Add the face detection feature for the KYC flow Integrate with AWS (Amazon) (Android -IOS -Web)
      The KYC process will be done automatically and the “Face ID” system will be activated, and we will use the Amazon service.

    2. Update the comment system for the Guest (Android -IOS -Web)
      The commenting process and feedback submission system will be improved and more useful for guest users.

    3. Add the rate and comment to the guest feature for the host (Android-IOS -Web)
      The commenting system and rating procedure will be improved more useful for host users.
  • June

    1. Add the hotel listing feature (Android-IOS -Web)
      By adding this new section, like, hotels can expose themselves more and better to users by creating a personal account and mentioning the services they provide, the types of available rooms, etc to attract more guests.

    1. Update the booking flow to support the hotels (Android -IOS -Web)
      By integrating with the hotels, the DBNB application system will be connected to the hotel management system and software, we will automatically be informed of the changes in the hotels which are listed in the application, including the status and the availability of rooms, and will be displayed.
  • July

    1. Add the GEM (Guest Experience Maker) user and the experience feature (Android -IOS -Web)
      GEM users will be able to register as a GEM to offer services related to tourism and travel such as organizing safari tours, doing visa matters, cruise ship tour organizers, etc.
  • August

    1. Add the map feature for finding rents and hotels Integrate with Mapbox and Google Map (Android-IOS-Web)
      By adding the map to the application, users can find their accommodation based on location and address and check out all the desired information such as price and general specifications on the map.
  • September

    1. Add the map feature for finding businesses (Android-IOS -Web)
      By adding the map to the application, users can find the listed businesses on the app based on location and address and check out all the desired information such as price and general specifications on the map.
  • October

    1. Add the DecentraBNB Blog (Web)
      The blog page will be updated. By using artificial intelligence and reaching the users manner and desire, the blogs with the most and the closest topic that the user has seen on the blog page will be recognized , as soon as a new article is uploaded, will inform users by sending a notification.
  • December

    1. Update and decentralize the comment system Integration with Chain Link Blockchain (Android-IOS-Web)
      Through Chinalink's blockchain system, the process of recording comments on the application will be decentralized, and no interference such as deleting or changing comments will not be possible.

    1. Improve performance and optimization -All platforms
      All ongoing updates will be applicable on all platforms.
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