Reward Program


Reward Program


  • Giveback Rewards
Use DBnB to get some of it back into your wallet.
This service is now available for you that if you pay your reservations through DecentraBnB, 15% of the DBnB that you paid, will be returned to your wallet.

Reward Program Enjoyments
Dedicated Rewards
Be a content creator and be a reward collector
Or even pay your reservations with DBnB and use the Giveback benefit.

For free and straightforward
Everyone can be with us...
Register now!
Easily and without any prerequisites.

Personify Dashboard
Manage your calendar, listings, bookings, and payouts from one personalized platform.

Common questions

1Are there any special conditions for joining the reward program?
Not at all!
In any case, anyone who has a registered account can easily join and use this service.
2How can I find my invitation link?
All you have to do is log in to your account and go to the invite section.
Now you have a dedicated and unique invitation link.
3How can I receive my reward during this reward program?
You will be rewarded in the form of DBnB when you make your first reservation or more bookings and pay for them through your DBnB and completes the stay at the property.    
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