DecentraBnB with {Your Coin Here} !

Benefits of Listing

Partnership Results

  • you can now stake your DBnB on and You can also participate in the PancakeSwap pool and stake DBnB/BNB and the interests are related to the swaps and your total stake.
  • Tokens Can Be Sold Globally DecentraBnB provides the opportunity for global investors to invest in DBnB. If an IPO account received hundreds of wire transfers in minutes, the bank account would likely freeze the assets. However, token sales paid for with digital cryptocurrency are always open for operation.
  • Increase in the market cap of their coin following the partnership announcement

DecentraBnB supports you in all stages.

DecentraBnB serves to upstart the ecosystem, by forging a content platform with a powerful incentive scheme, a zero-commission marketplace for business venues and an advertising model that rewards users.
In addition to There are new exchanges listing new marketing strategies and great market making for the Dapp and DBnB. We work with an American digital marketing company to start on our new digital marketing plan.


1Does DecentraBnB have a Marketing strategy?
DecentraBnB project has a lot to offer and planned out every step of it like we are going to start our market making and new marketing strategies in the second quarter of 2021 also, we have a great digital marketing plan which also will be started in the second quarter of 2021. We have a new partnership in the digital marketing section and we started to work with an American digital marketing company to start big on our new digital marketing plan.
2What are the benefits of using our Application?
  1. Rent the place and pay the amount by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD tether and DecentraBnB.
  2. Book the place with zero commission while using DBnB. On our app when anyone makes payments with DBnB there will be no commission involved.
  3. There is very low commission for paying with USDT, BTC and ETH. The charge will be only a few percentages.
3What will the marketing budget be spent on?
it is used to promote your token through marketing activities such as cashbacks, sales, discounts, and media promotion. PleaseCheck our whitepaper for more information.
4Who can submit a listing application on behalf of a project?
C-level executives who are able to approve a marketing budget. We deal with developers or node managers in decentralized projects. Please note that we will not lead any submissions to communities for budget approval, though we may be able to assist in providing templates.

Token Listing

DecentraBnB will provide a smart-contract based protocol that connects all consumers and businesses in the travel industry on a decentralized travel ecosystem that incentivizes content creation, transactions and consent-based sharing of user data. We are looking to partnership with new projects to support their tokens as well as pushing the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency of the company. Please complete the figure below therefore we will open discussions together with your project concerning operating along.
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