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Buy DBnB Cryptocurrency Token

DecentraBnB Token (DBnB) is the unit of exchange, the bearer of value and the rights of governance in DecentraBnB ecosystem.

DBnB is a digitally-encrypted virtual currency and a functional utility-token that will be used as a unit of exchange on DecentraBnB. The value of the ecosystem multiplies when tokens can bring more use-cases and utilities into it. DecentraBnB is not only used to incentivize content but also as a unit of exchange for real goods and services and other various use-cases that can be devised by ecosystem participants.

DBnB is the currency within this ecosystem that can be adopted by travel businesses and 3rd party developers. It is also the base currency for token offerings by businesses in the ecosystem.

To buy DBnB:

You can Buy/Sell DBnB using Uniswap decentralized exchange, just click here.

Smart Contract : 0x99F618EDcfEDCa1fCC8302e14Daa84802114a8c5

  • Firstly, Select ETH pair exchange DBnB/ETH.
  • Then Add your Wallet
  • Exchange DBnB/ETH.
You can also use Uniswap pool:

Choose the currency pairs (DBnB/BNB) you want to use for your transaction.

Stake the amount you want, and enjoy the Income!

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