About Us

About Us

DBnB Protocol a next-generation travel protocol that connects all consumers and businesses to a distributed smart network for data, content, and transactions.

DecentraBnB will provide a smart-contract-based protocol that connects all consumers and businesses in the travel industry on a decentralized travel ecosystem that incentivizes content creation, transactions, and consent-based sharing of user data.

The DecentraBnB App will bring the value of the DecentraBnB Network to life. It is a dApp on the DecentraBnB protocol, using its open API and transparent data access. It also serves to upstart the ecosystem, by forging a content platform with a powerful incentive scheme, a zero-commission marketplace for business venues, and an advertising model that rewards users.

We redesign the dApp to be more useful and officiant in the time of the pandemic, as all of you know, Covid-19 has changed the norms and even the way we travel. One of the advantages of our dApp is that anyone can rent the place and pay the amount by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Tether, and DecentraBnB.

Furthermore, when anyone makes payments with MRC there will be no commission involved, there is a very low commission for paying with BTC, ETH, and USDT. The charge will be only a few percentages. But remember the fact that you can always book the place with zero commission while using DecentraBnB.

Well, you can now stake your DecentraBnB on MarsMasters.com

Our Vision:
Travel Futuristic

The team behind DecentraBnB has the vision to lead a luxurious lifestyle and travel platform around the world.

To create a decentralized ecosystem to eliminate the middleman and reduce transparency and database.
Our Mission:

Our goal is to create the DecentraBnB Network, a new global travel ecosystem, built on a universal baselayer blockchain protocol, and to create the DecentraBnB Protocol, a universal protocol layer for the travel industry. To be able to replace Fiat money with cryptocurrencies while traveling to reach:

  • Financial security
  • Eliminates intermediaries
  • Transparency of transactions
  • Reduction of costs
  • Development of DBnB token usage
  • Travel smart, secure and safe
  • Trustworthy
  • No more worries on vacation

Our Values:

Solve it Together

Working together connects us. There is no major problem that we cannot solve together. With teamwork, we benefit from collective wisdom and energy.

Act with Purpose

We welcome change and encourage innovation. We transfer our creativity and motivation to each other and we get results.

Do the Right Thing

We act openly and enhance transparency. Our team members, customers, and communities always know what we do and what we believe in.

Give Your Best

Passion empowers us. We believe that the only way to do great and important things is to love what we do. The people and the environment around us are our inspiration.

Feed the Future

When we give others the right tools, skills, and opportunities to succeed, they will prosper. When we give this to ourselves, we will be unstoppable.


Website: decentrabnb.com

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