The Most Spectacular Cities in South Korea

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Looking for a unique destination for your holiday? Why not visit the cities of South Korea, a vibrant and spectacular country, which is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination? With ancient temples, trendy neighborhoods, tea plantations, and more than 3,000 offshore islands to explore, South Korea is the country you should visit at least once in your lifetime. Still not convinced? Here are the spectacular cities in South Korea that are worth visiting if you are looking for a vacation full of culture, magic, and friendly people.


Pyeongchang County

Pyeongchang hosted the Winter Olympics, but it’s a place worth visiting even without a big event going on. Marked by the beautiful mountain scenery of the Taebaek Mountains, the big ski resorts here are called Alpensia and Yongpyong. The winter weather is typically cold and snowy, but hiking is also popular in these mountains when the temperatures warm up. Aside from outdoor adventure, you can check out Buddhist temples that date back to the seventh century when you visit Pyeongchang. There’s also the Baegnyong Cave, Pyeongchang Freshwater Fish Museum, and Eoreumchi Village to check out while you’re in this region of the country.


This metropolis shelters 25.6 million residents, officially known as “Seoul Special City” which is half of South Korea’s population. Seoul is a round-the-clock city renowned for its state-of-the-art architecture and high-speed internet. Likewise, it’s a perfect place for nightlife lovers and shopaholics; to party the night away at some of the exclusive clubs in Gangnam or haul your favorite K-products at Myeongdong. With a mixture of old with modern architecture, Seoul offers a pristine environment with beautifully-built modern buildings. Seoul has its unique beauty even for the hidden alleyways. It is a wallet-friendly city. This means you can have a decent meal for as low as $5!


Busan is home to South Korea’s most popular beach, Haeundae Beach, but it also has towering mountains, impressive temples, and an excellent culinary scene. There are many seafood markets and restaurants here, so foodies will want to spend some time in Busan. Other popular things to do when you visit Busan include taking a dip in the natural hot springs at a spa, seeing the Haedong Yonggung Temple, and hiking at Jangan Mountain. It is one of the most spectacular cities in South Korea, where you can experience a little bit of everything, from nature to art, shopping, and much more.


A famous tourist city in South Korea, Incheon is one of the cities that led the country’s historical and economic development by opening its harbors to the outside world. Incheon is a buzzing metropolis similar to Seoul, mainly noted for Incheon International Airport. That includes a variety of recreational facilities such as casinos, spas, and even golf courses. You can shop ‘til you drop at Bupyeong Station Underground Shopping Mall or meander around the city’s vibrant Chinatown and have a bowl of Jjajangmyeon. Here in this city, you can enter a magical place and find your inner zen at Jeondeungsa—the country’s oldest temple.


Gyeongju is a South Korean city along the coast with great historical significance and lots of opportunities to learn about it. Here you’ll find the Gyeongju National Museum with its over 16,000 artifacts, the Bukguk-a Temple UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the grass-covered burial mounds at Tumuli Park. The tombs of former kings can be found as you get into Gyeongju, and you can even go inside one of them.


This beautiful city in South Korea is inhabited by more than 120,000 residents, named The Capital City of Korean Spiritual Culture, and has a profound background of natural circumstances and Confucianist culture. With its steadfast passion to preserve ancient traditions, Andong is one of the most spectacular Cities in South Korea to experience folk culture. Head over to Hahoe Folk Village and participate in the traditional Korean Mask Dance Festival held from May to October. Don’t forget to try Andong’s well-known Soju, a local drink made from fermented and distilled rice and grains.

Jeju City

Jeju City is the largest city on Jeju Island, which is just off the southern coast of South Korea. Due to its geography, this island has a more moderate climate than elsewhere in the country and some really unique landscapes. Here you’ll find beaches, lava caves, and botanical gardens, and get to learn about how South Korean tea is made. The tallest mountain here is Hallasan, which is a great place to go hiking and soak up the beauty of nature on the island. The Cheonjiyeon waterfall is also a popular sight to see for tourists. The island is an excellent vacation spot, and flights book up very quickly during the holiday seasons.


Housing one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, Ulsan is a wonderland for proud gearheads and tinkers. The place that is also known as a versatile city will definitely pin you down with its eye-catching natural and man-made marvels. Ulsan is a semi-tropical city acclaimed for its jaw-dropping ridges, and sprawling beaches, found in the south-eastern tip of the Korean Peninsula. Bury your toes in the wide sandy bay of Ilsan Beach or take a quiet walk along Taehwa River Grand Park if you prefer a more unruffled path. Jangsaengpo Whale Museum is also a good side trip if you’re into whaling since it exhibits photos and videos of different species of whales.


Sokcho isn’t as large or busy of a city as many others on this list, but it’s a popular place to stay and see the nearby sites. You can get to Seoraksan National Park in about 30 minutes by bus from here, and the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is about an hour away by bus. This national park is one of the most beautiful in all of South Korea, and popular attractions include the Geumganggul Cave and Biryong Waterfall.


Revered as a living embodiment of traditional culture and contemporary charm, the city caters to magnificent views of skyscrapers, grand stadiums, and secular temples. Suwon is the hearthstone of Samsung Electronics, making it one of South Korea’s industrial hubs. Likewise, it has streets filled with restaurants, shops, and bars so you won’t have any problems during your stay in the city. Amidst this, the most famous city in South Korea is the only place known to retain its historic walls — Hwaseong Fortress, a UNESCO World Heritage Site stands still ever since the 18th century to guard the city’s perimeters against invaders during the time.

Here we have mentioned a list of some spectacular cities in South Korea, which contains the proper information about the best cities in South Korea to visit and the best towns to visit in South Korea.




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