How to Travel to Qatar for World Cup 2022

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Qatar has officially been selected as the newest home for 32 teams from worldwide countries that will participate in the World Cup, which will be held for the first time in an Arab country and for the first time as a winter tournament for a period from November 20 until December 18.

Qatar’s stadiums will bring together over one million fans from all parts of the world for the biggest football event ever held, even though it is the smallest country in which the FIFA World Cup has been organized. FIFA confirmed through a statement that Lusail stadium is among the eight stadiums that will host the World Cup 2022, while the first game would be held at the Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor.


Qatar Travel Restrictions

When traveling on a U.S. tourist passport, the Government of Qatar does not require prior visa arrangements. You may obtain a free visa waiver upon arrival, stringent upon certain circumstances. To receive a free visa waiver, you must possess:

  • A valid passport with a minimum validity of 6 months
  • A confirmed onward or return ticket

The release is valid for thirty days from the date of issuance and entitles the holder to spend up to thirty days in Qatar. A U.S. citizen will need an approved Hay’ya Card (Fan ID) card application number for entrance to the stadiums and just to even enter the country. Fans must request it once they have paid for their tickets. If you need to bring controlled/prescription medication into Qatar, the medicine should be in its original packaging, and you should carry your original prescription.

What is the Hayya Card?

All internationals who plan to travel to Qatar must first know the entry rules to become part of this event. Authorities in Qatar have confirmed that all internationals who plan to travel to Qatar for the FIFA World Cup from November 1 this year should hold a Hayya Card before entering this country. The card will be available immediately following the approval through the Hayya app; from this requirement are excluded Qatari Residence, permit holders. However, it is unclear whether travelers on Qatar temporary work visas are obliged to hold the Hayya card or not.

A Hayya Card, also known as a Fan ID, is a document that is issued by FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and all persons attending any of the matches held in Qatar will be required to hold such an ID. It has been clarified that travelers must hold a Hayya card as well as a match ticket to enter the stadium.

FIFA World Cup Travel Packages

Qatar Airways, the official airline of the country, is offering up a host of packages that include flights, accommodation, and match tickets. Travel packages for the World Cup range from week one of the tournament right through to the final. FIFA is also offering several packages for the tournament; however, flights, accommodation, and tickets will all need to be bought separately for the finals in Qatar.

How to Get Around Qatar

The maximum distance between any of the eight stadiums is 45 miles. As a bonus to the close nature of the stadiums, public transport is free on game days.

For the venues located in and around Doha, there is a strong metro system. The metro network has stopped from the airport into the capital and connections to several of the stadiums. These prices could be higher, especially with the number of people looking to get around the country. An alternative for those who enjoy driving is a simple bus to get around the venues and city.

Is There a Dress Code for Internationals Traveling to Qatar?

As November is approaching, travelers from other countries are getting ready to travel to Qatar to support their favorite football teams; in addition to their entry rules, internationals should also get informed about the dress code that is considered appropriate in this Arab territory.

Even though Qatar attracts a large number of internationals and is known for its tourist attractions, culture, and gastronomy, following the host country’s religion, there are some rules that international visitors should take into consideration, following the country’s rules. It has been confirmed that there is a dress code that tourists must follow in public spaces; otherwise, they risk being subject to a penalty fee if they do not comply with them.

Getting Match Tickets

The Qatar 2022 World Cup features four types of tickets. Individual Match Tickets (IMTs) are tickets for one specific match. Then, Supporter Tickets (STs) are tickets for each group stage match of one specific nation. Another option is the Conditional Supporter Tickets (CSTs), which are an ST for the second round. Should the team that the purchaser supports be eliminated, they receive a refund for any games that the team does not qualify for. Finally, there is a Four-Stadium Ticket series. This option has 14 different packages that guarantee four games at four stadiums during the group stage of the World Cup.

Prices range from $70 to $220 for individual tickets to group matches and escalate through the knockout phase. Tickets for the championship final will cost from $600 to $1,600.

Covid-19 Situation & Entry Rules

According to the figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), Qatar has registered over 441,445 COVID-19 infection cases and 7,438 750 deaths since the start of the pandemic, while authorities in this country have recently reported that the epidemiological situation has started to worsen in this country.

At present, travelers are obliged to present a negative result of the Coronavirus PCR test not older than 48 hours before their entry. Authorities in Qatar have clarified that those who are not fully immunized against the virus are obliged to stay self-isolated for five days in a designated hotel. Qatar accepts as valid proof of vaccination only the following vaccines:

  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • Moderna
  • Johnson and Johnson

How to Travel to Qatar for World Cup 2022: More About Qatar

The official language of Qatar is Arabic. However, English is also spoken widely throughout the small nation. Plus, English is common throughout FIFA competitions. The Qatar currency is the Qatari Riyal. As of May 2022, $1 is equivalent to 3.64 Qatari Riyal.

There are five ‘locations’ hosting World Cup games. Al Wakrah, Al Khor, Al Rayyan, Lusail, and Doha all have venues. Of course, these are all near one another. Al Wakrah, to the south of Doha, has Al Janoub Stadium. That is just a 51-minute drive from Al Bayt Stadium in Al Khor. Doha will be the main port of call for soccer fans heading to the tournament.

Things to Do in Qatar

Outside of watching the world’s best compete, there are plenty of opportunities for activity in Qatar. Here are just a few examples:

  • The National Museum, tells the Qatar story from the beginning to its wealth from oil.
  • Museum of Islamic Art
  • Shopping malls in Doha
  • Souq Waqif is one of the most famous marketplaces in Qatar, similar to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.
  • Book a tour to drive up and down the dunes or try sandboarding.



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