Awesome Reasons to Visit South Africa

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What is your idea of an ideal holiday break? Maybe it’s spending time with friends and family exploring new places. Perhaps it’s meeting interesting people or trying exciting activities like hiking, horse riding, and game viewing. Is it lazy lunches in beautiful surroundings and days spent soaking up the sunshine on a sandy beach?

Welcome to beautiful South Africa – where we can honestly say that you can have it all. One of the top countries to visit in Africa, South Africa is full of adventure, history, wildlife, and great food. Here you’ll find some reasons why you should visit South Africa and experience this wonderful country.



It is an especially compelling reason to visit South Africa. One dollar currently trades for about seven Rand, and it usually hovers somewhere between six and seven Rand per Dollar. The Rand is even weaker in comparison to the British Pound and the Euro. With such a strong currency conversion you can experience all the best that South Africa has to offer without spending as much as you would in another more expensive part of the world.

Also related to this point, South Africa has a modern financial infrastructure, which means you can use your Visa and MasterCard throughout the country. Many ATMs will allow you to use your American bank card for withdrawing money.

Breathtaking Beaches

Cape Town arguably has the best urban beaches in the world, from fashionable Camps Bay (close to the city center) to Boulders Beach, with its comical colony of endangered African penguins which waddle about. Along South Africa’s Garden Route and KwaZulu-Natal’s Indian Ocean coastline, you’ll find long stretches of pristine soft sand lapped by waves that become warmer and warmer the further north you go. There are even tropical coral reefs and excellent diving and snorkeling spots to discover when visiting South Africa.

Good Weather

In general South Africa is a very sunny country, with many areas experiencing over 300 sunny days per year. The Western Cape, where Cape Town is located, has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters. The interior of the country is generally temperate and the northeast region, where Johannesburg and Kruger Park are located, has sun-drenched, hazy summers. This northeast region, much of which is subtropical, has mild winters with chilly mornings and warm afternoons.

It is the best time of year for viewing the game since the animals love these temperatures. As you can see, South Africa does have a warm, inviting climate, even during the winter months.

Activities in Abundance

With plenty of sunshine, mountains, sea, and rivers, South Africans tend to treat their country like a massive playground. For a taste of the great outdoors, hike to the top of Table Mountain; horse ride in the Drakensberg; watch whales in Hermanus; discover South Africa’s urban culture on a guided walking tour of Johannesburg; paraglide over Cape Town’s beaches; take a walking safari in the Kruger; cycle through the Cape Winelands; explore the forest canopy in the Garden Route; enjoy a round on one of the many world-class golf courses. You’ll never have a dull moment when you visit South Africa!

Friendly People and Local Cultures

Visitors often comment on the fact that South Africans smile a lot… yes, they are a friendly bunch! They love to meet new people and passionately recommend their favorite places and things to do. They are a melting pot of many fascinating cultures forming one nation, so you’ll hear several distinct accents in their English, notice many different faces, and taste a rich fusion of flavors in their cuisine.

In Cape Town, you can learn to cook traditional Malay curries while, in Johannesburg, you can visit Nelson Mandela’s house and walk in the footsteps of their history in Soweto.


There are many countries where you can go on safari, but there is only one Kruger Park, one of the largest game reserves in the world. (Which also goes into Mozambique and Zimbabwe along with being in South Africa). You can either drive through the park on your own or take private tours. There are many lodges where you can stay overnight, allowing you to do many game drives and see some of the magnificent animals on safari, like those in the Big Five. Warning! Watching wildlife is addictive.

Getting Around is Easy

South Africa welcomes a steady flow of international airlines at international airports around the country. Also, once here, you’ll find a network of national highway roads crisscrossing big sky Karoo landscapes, winding through farmlands, nipping along coastlines, and over magnificent mountain passes. Beautiful South Africa is one of only two countries in Africa where we recommend a self-drive holiday – one of the best reasons to visit South Africa if you’re an independent traveler.

In addition, Wi-Fi is widely accessible, the mobile phone network is excellent, ATMs are readily available, and self-drivers will never be far from a full-service petrol (gas) station.

Delicious food

South African cuisine has a lot of outside influences, like from Europe and Asia from colonialism times. They have some of the tastiest meats in the world and venture outside of the typical beef and pork. Ostrich is found on many menus, as is springbok, and if you are lucky you might even get to enjoy Kudu. South Africa is also big on beer production, with their SAB World of Beer tour in Johannesburg said to be the top tourist attraction in the country.

South Africa has well-developed infrastructure and modern amenities. Cities like Cape Town, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Knysna, and many other cities in South Africa have the kinds of structures, services, entertainment, restaurants, and offerings you would expect to find in American or European cities.

Despite being the most modern African country, South Africa still offers many of the attractions that draw people to Africa. It is infused with vibrant culture and has the wild African bush at its back door. It is significant to understand why South Africa is such a special place. It has a rare mix of modern development, African culture, outdoor attractions, and untamed wildlife that you will find nowhere else in the world.







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